As part of its ploy to considerably boost its growth — and, not to mention, revive its luxury brand’s image — Ford has announced we can expect three new Lincoln models by 2020.

According to Motor Authority, Ford aims to boost its sales across the globe anywhere between 45 and 55 per cent, and sell roughly 9.4 million vehicles per year. To meet its goals, the automaker will maintain its ‘One Ford’ strategy, where one vehicle is sold in various different markets across the globe, and it will increase the number of vehicles in its lineup.

That includes Lincoln, which is expected too see two freshened models — a replacement form the MKS sedan, and a new MKX crossover due out next year as a 2016 model and based on the concept we saw earlier this year. In addition to those, Lincoln is also expected to see two additional all-new models. It’s still unclear as to what they are, but rumours suggest they could be a new sedan and a Mustang-based model.

Ford has roughly US$2.5 billion set aside for developing these new models, and by 2020 hopes to triple Lincoln’s sales to 300,000 units per year.